Monuments are often designed and used as top-down ideological tools. Collective experiences are portrayed in a distorted way because the expressive side tends to create a biased representation. Individuals in collective experience generally do not participate in the representation stage and are only expected to be influenced by representation.

Unlike the fixed and imposing monuments that are mostly encountered in city squares, the Corona Monument is a digital monument which will be shaped online with the contribution of the participants, where individual experiences, feelings, thoughts and memories of the COVID-19 pandemic are represented by objects.

“The fact that it is important for the human psyche to have the means of everyday survival in person, the more important it is for one to be able to claim a Loculus for himself is particularly evident in situations of economic crisis and intense loss. These crisis situations are above all times of poverty, immigration, physical and psychological threats. "

(Andreas Gehrlach, Loculus: Individual Spaces of Property, in Turkish: Kıvanç Tanrıyar, Yort, 2021)


The questions we are looking for answers through this project are:

• How is a pandemic depicted?

• How does the pandemic, which brings economic insecurity, fear, survival hysteria and isolation, affect our lives?

• What are the traces left by the feelings and experiences such as distance, loss, mourning and longing?

• Can we explain the effects of the pandemic on our lives through objects and the emotions we have about these objects?

• When these objects and stories come together, what will they say about social consciousness and the unconscious?

• What are the social issues that have become visible with the pandemic? To what extent are we aware of these issues?

• Where do the individual relationships we establish with objects and the emotions we impose on them intersect and diverge?

• Can our emotions and memories create solutions by contaminating each other like an illness?


For participation:

-Choose an object that you associate with the pandemic process,

-Write a short story, in which you convey your feelings, thoughts and memories about the object you have chosen, on the PARTICIPATION tab, along with the photo of the object. The photos and stories you send will be displayed anonymously or with a nickname you will share with us.

Corona Monument was designed by three institutions residing in Eskişehir: Eskişehir School, Eldem Art Space, Yort Kitap.

We would like to thank Tepebaşı Municipality and Odunpazarı City Council for their support in the announcement of the project.

This project is one of the VAHA projects supported by Anadolu Kültür, MitOst, Stiftung Mercator, European Cultural Foundation, iac Berlin and Chrest Foundation.